Transportation Voucher

This program is designed to help offset some of your transportation expenses. If you are eligible for this program, you will be reimbursed at the rate of seventy-five cents ($0.75) per mile that you are present in the vehicle. The mileage used is determined by a MapQuest module provided by your support coordinator.

Required for payment:

  1. You, the BCDD individual, must have a separate or joint bank account that is able to receive direct deposit payments. No paper checks will be issued. Your payment is made from the Butler County Auditor’s office.
  2. Please complete this EFT form, along with a voided check. lf you have a savings account, but not a checking account, please attach a letter from your financial institution that includes your name and account number. Return this to the address below.

Please complete this trip log and submit monthly. Missing information may cause a delay in payment. Be sure to make copies of the Trip Log for future use.

  1. Enter the Month / Year at the top of each page.
  2. Enter your name (the BCDD individual’s name) and the full addresses as indicated on the form. lf you have more than one ‘destination address’, please complete one page per destination.
  3. Complete and submit monthly. Any Trip Log received 3 months after the trip is not eligible for payment.
  4. Enter the date transported in the first column. Place an X in the column when you have had a pick-up or a drop-off that you are in the vehicle.
  5. The form must be signed and dated.
  6. Payment is usually issued within 15-20 business days of us receiving your form.
  7. lf you move or have changed your destination address, contact your support coordinator with this information.

You may send your completed Trip Log and EFT form to me by email (preferred), fax or mail at:

Fax: (513)-820-5080

Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Attn: Jacquie Ferguson
282 N. Fair Avenue
Hamilton, OH 45011
Please contact Jacqueline Ferguson with any questions at (513) 785-2804.